Quartz iPhone News App Review

| September 2, 2018

Quartz app for iPhone is a news app which is just like you have put the entire global economy in your pocket. You just need to spare few minutes of your daily routine to get small info in this app. Get the news in entirely new and different way. The team at Quartz just imagined of getting you news in a more lively way rather than being the same boring. It is complete original writing, new features and a fresh interface. It is more like a texting message which ping you in the form of sometimes fun messages or relevant notifications throughout the day. These notifications will not sound boring at all and you will be actually enjoying reading it the entire day. The buzzing feature never keeps disturbing you but just light up your phone instead. The app is also available on the Apple Watch which makes it simpler and easy to use. The journalists keep you updated with the latest news always.

Creative Mind

Quartz app for iPhone sounds to be more of a best friend who would always keep you updated with the latest news happening around the world. It also invites you to view a 3D model of any interesting object when needed. There is also an option where you get a 24 hour break from the news by clicking Snooze. Also get to view the charts at every moment. Once you get bored of the news all day long, either snooze or get the Quiz to play or they have other options for you. Quartz was created for all those news lovers to keep them updated all day long with being entertained with fun options. The app is sized 44.6 MB and requires iOS 9.0 or later. It works fine with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Quartz iPhone News App Review

Get Smarter

Quartz app for iPhone has come as a boon for all the individuals who love staying updated with the latest news activities about each and everything. People get the details like texting messages which sounds interesting and not the usual news apps. Quartz sounds a must app on every iPhone or Apple Watch.


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