Quik Free Video Editor for Android Review

| March 28, 2019

Quik for Android is a video editing app which is the fastest and easiest way to create spectacular videos. You create videos that look professional with just a few taps. It is quite easy and you are not expected to be a professional Editor to handle the app. The difference between Quik and other apps of this genre is that it automatically edits the video. Select the videos you want to edit along with a sound track and the app automatically edits all the videos, weave it together in sync to the music.

Quick and really quick, weave photos, collages, videos, and more

Quik Video Editor for Android is fast and smooth to work with. The challenge lies in selecting the right photos or clips, and once that is done the app takes care of the rest. You can add up to 75 photos and clips. The app allows you to add them from your Gallery, or from any of the cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Photos and so on. You can even take a pic or a video clip right away with your device camera. Quik app uses an algorithm to find great moments like smiling faces cheering voices, speed, jumps, beautiful views and weaves them together to bring an excellent output.

Quik Free Video Editor for Android Review

You can choose from 23 themes that is designed specifically for an occasion. Each theme has a transition effect, font and font styles. Drag and drop to reorder clips. Each clip can be trimmed, rotated and also add emojis. Use text overlays to personalize the videos and make it look like a story. You can either speed up footages or have it play in slow motion. Easily share it with others in social media by placing it in cinema square or portrait format.


Quik Video Editor for Android works its magic through the photos and clips you provide. The app is capable of finding great moments and adds beautiful transitions and effects. Create photos and footages from the same location. You can also create in the same timeframe. Even when the app adds effects automatically, you can edit and tweak them to your liking. The app us free to download with no in app purchases and ads.


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