Quire Task Manager for Teams iPhone App Review

| May 18, 2017

Quire – Task Manager for Teams makes managing collaborated tasks easier. It comes ideal for managing works that contains multiple tasks, and multiple teams or people. You can download Quire app free of cost from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Whether it’s for developing a cool app, launching a new product, or making a masterpiece film, Quire is there to help boost productivity for you and your team.Its utility starts with capturing a new idea; you can enter a new idea, when and where it has occurred, into Quire. You can enter it as plain text, or provide a photo. It also help you break down your tasks/plans into manageable chunks. No matter how big or challenging your goal is, you can break it down into as many and as small a step as you need to complete them without losing the big picture. The process of breaking down into manageable tasks is easy enough. It also allows you to collaborate with your team in real time. When you make a change, or add a new tasks or split an existing one, they can also view it straightaway.

Quire Task Manager for Teams iPhone App Review

You can share your projects, assign tasks to colleagues or partners, add comments in the app and more, while getting notified of any changes made instantly. Further, users can add, complete, move or schedule your tasks from your phone and desktop with a 24/7 sync across all of your devices so that you’ll never lose track of what’s important to you. This comes handy when you are on the move. The UI of Quire is well designed. The layout is user friendly. Adding or deleting a task or mini-tasks is easy. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive as well. Quire needs iOS 9.0 or higher.


Quire – Task Manager for Teams app for iPhone help you tackle your big goals with small steps. It let you pick the critical tasks and stick to what is important. Most importantly, you can share the projects and tasks with your team, and track the progress online. Changes made are notified instantly. Sync across iOS devices makes it easy to keep tab of the work from any device. The UI design is largely user friendly. We found the app to be stable as well. Check it out if you need an efficient task manager to streamline your work.


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