QuitNow! Quit Smoking Android App Review

| March 24, 2019

QuitNow! for Android is a wellness app that helps you quit smoking.The app provides you with all the health indicators, your daily achievements, and a strong quitters community that inspires you to quit smoking. Most of us are aware that smoking is hazardous to health and QuitNow app offers a straightforward approach to quit smoking. The app does it by simply focusing on the monetary and health benefits by calculating the money you saved and reports the improvements you have made from the date you had quit smoking.

Quit smoking now and lead a healthy, carefree life

QuitNow! Quit Smoking app boasts of a great interface design that is clear, colorful, simple and easy to use. Download and install the app. The first time you open it you will need to fill a profile that delve into details like how many cigarettes per day, cost per pack, your quit dateand so on. From the information you have provided the app will start calculating your statistics and those will be displayed on the dashboard for your clear view.It focuses the effect of your effort on trying to quit on these four parameters, your status as a quitter, achievements as you quit, ex quitters support on your struggles and your health.

QuitNow Quit Smoking Android App Review

QuitNow app offers goal based small and easy tasks that can be achieved as you make your way to become an ex smoker. List of health indicators will project the way your body reacts positively and that improves the health. Apart from this, it gas FAQs, a bot to answer al the not so regular questions and collection of books.


QuitNow for Android is a great tool that acts as an additional support to help you get over your smoking habit. The app has over 2 million quitters and its unique community powered by chat function is key to its success and the success of their users. The community provides the much needed emotional support and where you can share success, struggles, and milestones. It is a fun way to get you on track and keep you focused. The app is free to download form Play Store.


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