Quiver – 3D Coloring Android App Review

| March 1, 2018

Quiver – 3D Coloring for Android works on the basis of augmented reality when the usage of camera in a phone or tab, which converts a 2 dimensional hand colored picture into a 3D animation. Quiver has made coloring pages so much fun. With the state of the art augmented reality technology, brings about a whole new extraordinary, magical 3D experience. Quiver – 3D Coloring App is available for free download in Google play and in App store.

Let’s Quiver

To start enjoying the 3D experience, you must first procure coloring pages. These pages are available directly from their website. There are various coloring pages available in the website that includes, cartoon characters, educational themes, animals and robots. Select the coloring pages of your choice and save them into your computer. Pages are saved in pdf format and they can be printed. Beware, some pages do charge you for getting printed. Next, color the page manually with the colors of your choice and keep the coloring page ready.

Quiver 3D Coloring Android App Review

Install Quiver – 3D Coloring for Android and open the application. Tap the play button and hover the device over the colored page. You will have to point the camera in such a way that it focuses the entire page. You will get a blue shade to confirm this. After a few seconds, you will find that the picture has come alive in a 3D image and animation. You can interact with it by taping on it and add sound effects. You can zoom into the image and view it from a different angle. You can play and pause the animations and capture your creations and save it in the gallery.


Quiver – 3D Coloring for Android is a unique combination of traditional hand coloring and the latest flawless augmented reality technology. The usual coloring process is converted to an interactive entertainment. Most of the coloring pages are themed around kids. Quiver Education is available for a one time purchase. It has access to coloring pages on space, animals and other educational topics. It is one great we to up your creativity and have fun with AR.


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