Ram Vs Ravan Archery Game for Android Review

| June 22, 2018

Ram Vs Ravan for Android is an archery game based on popular Hindu epic Ramayana. You can be a part of the epic by killing Ravana – the Rakshasa king of Lanka – with arrows and other weapons. Celebrate dussehra with this unique game filled with stories from Ramayana. Bows, arrows and weapons make the most of the game that tests your archery skills. You will get the feel of a balloon shooter game where instead of balloons and targets, you will find bow and arrows and truck load of rakshas, the demons.

Celebrations with Ravan Vadh

Ram Vs Ravan Archery game for Android has two parts. One is a collection of archery games where you will have to kill the demons; other is Ram Vs Ravan games that can be played in a double player and single player mode. In the archery game, you will have to drag the bow and release arrows to kill devils. Each devil will have different sensitive points that need to be targeted. Apart from bow and arrows, there are different weapons that will appear on the screen every 30 seconds. Use the arrows to hit the weapons to activate them. There are 10 super power weapons and they are, Chakra, Bhala, Gada, Tunira, Talwar, Sharbristi, Bajrastra, Barunastra, Kuthar, and Agneastra. Each has specific purpose and special powers and it is also dedicated to a particular Hindu God. All weapons are based on Hindu mythology and puranas and epic Ramayana & Mahabharata. The games mostly revolve around 7 different themes based on the puranas and epics.

Ram Vs Ravan Archery Game for Android Review

In Ram Vs Ravan section, the double player mode will have two players and both have to show his archery skill to hit opponent. In single player mode you are the player1 or Ram and android is the player2 or Ravan. You have to show your archery skill to defeat Ravan. Every time you hit the opponent your score will increase by +5 and decrease the life of opponent. There are three special power arrows with doubly, triply & quadruple power.


Those who love Indian epic will enjoy playing Ram Vs Ravan Archery game for Android. Beginners need to observe the speed and angle of the bow and arrow before project to balance the speed, angle and wind to kill the opponents.


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