Resilio Sync Android App Review

| May 3, 2018

Resilio Sync for Android is a file transfer and photo back up assistant available in Google Play Store. The app uses the technology called Resilio. The basic free version will enable an individual to synchronize their data across their devices. For example, you can make sure all your important documents are in-sync across a PC, Mac and an Android device. Resilio Sync transfers huge files from one device to another device directly.

Sync Your Files In Right Way

Resilio Sync for Android uses Bit Torrent’s peer to peer technology to find out shortest path for speedy data transfer. Unlike other services of the same type the app transfers data directly without any uploading to any cloud service so that no one can access it without your permission. This app is specially designed for large data transfer and can also work smoothly with local network in case of no internet. You can transfer photos, songs, video egg to any other device. The app supports all type of file formats. There is no storage limit so that users can sync unlimited data. File Permission options are provided through which users can grant permission like Read only or Read and Write only. Special Intelligent Synchronization feature is available through which users can edit file and sync update that part of a file rather than the whole file.

Resilio Sync Android App Review

Resilio Sync Android app supports your NAS drive if you to get file to and from the network drive or want to access them remotely. Sync will back up photos and videos as soon as you take them. Clear synced file to free up space in your device. Using QR corpse, connect two devices even if you are in local network without internet connection.


If you are looking for a data sharing platform which is fast and easy to use then Resilio Sync is for you. The basic version is free and the pro version is a paid tool. The Pro version has a one-time cost of $59.99. You have a Family Pro option, for 5 family members it is $99.99.The Pro version offers additional functionality. The One Time Send function enables you to share the largest file, which could be ideal if you want to send across a file which you couldn’t attach to an email. The Selective Sync function offers the option for you to select the folders/files you want on certain devices.


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