Robin – AI Voice Assistant Android App Review

| March 10, 2019

Robin for Android is a personal voice assistant app that makes sure that you are kept infotained throughout. Infotainment at its best; Robin is the perfect app for you while on the go. Are you a person with varied interest? Movies, celebrities, sports, politics, arts, music, cuisine, it could be anything and the app will fetch it for you. Developed by Audioburst, Robin – AI Voice Assistant for Android is your go to voice assistant for all things entertainment.

Talk to your phone and get things done with Robin

Robin gives you enough choices that can be selected and streamed to play. Not just audio content, top podcasts and radio stations, you can also make calls and get directions from Google maps as well. The app lets you handsfree, you just need to install the app and fix a microphone, enjoy all the features it offers. Some of the features include personalized playlists, topical playlists, text by voice, setting reminders and alarms, getting directions and also post and share in Facebook. You personal playlist include traffic, weather and also local news reports.

Robin AI Voice Assistant Android App

News of all genres is available as podcast and the popular category include sports, entertainment, news, health, science, business and also technology. You want to find parking lots and gas stations near you, just ask, can I park here?, Robin – AI Voice Assistant app will find the right location for you. Say ‘read my email’ , the app will read out your recent unread email. Call mom or text dad will place call and text whatever you say to dad.

Best Voice Assistant App

Robin – AI Voice Assistant for Android is both useful, fun and quite informative that gives you constant learning. Currently in its beta, the app is ever evolving as it incorporates user feedbacks and makes brilliant additions. Any issues with the answers, you are not able to see the location or nit able to find a particular song, report immediately. You can give feedback right within the app. The app is free to download and requires Android 4.1 and up.


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