Root Uninstaller App for Android Review

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Although you may find plenty of uninstallers in Google Play, there are not many that are as feature rich as Root Uninstaller app for Android. It is a comprehensive app manager for Android smart phones that lets you view, backup (only APKs), freeze, restore, and uninstall system apps as well as user ones. Root Uninstaller Android app may be downloaded free of cost from Google Play.

How Root Uninstaller App Works?

Normally, you can’t uninstall the apps that come with your device. Root Uninstaller app for Android gives you the power to do so. It lets you uninstall any app that resides in your phone, irrespective of whether it is a system app or a downloaded one. Apart from the above mentioned features, Root Uninstaller also comes with an advanced application filter and APK file viewer/installer. Further, from the app, you can directly launch applications, visit their Market links, and launch their info screens at will.

When you launch Root Uninstaller Android app, it scans all the installed apps and lists them categorically in red and white tiles, indication system and installed apps respectively. Beside the title of each app is a ‘recycle bin’ icon. Tapping on the same takes you to the uninstall page for quick removal, while tapping on the title takes to a screen that lets you do all the above-mentioned functions. For the ‘red’ tiles, you’ll have all these features, save the quick uninstall button.

Root Uninstaller App for Android

Further, you can make use of the Android Root Uninstaller’s application filter to list all apps, system apps, apps on SD card, third party applications, and those that you’ve backed up or frozen or both. In order to filter apps, tap on the application filter button and choose the desired filter. Tapping on the Android icon displays the apks stored in your SD card. Tap on any apk file to install or re-install it. In order to search/filter an app by name, use the search button at the top-left of the screen. Go to Menu>Re-scan to manually rescan all the installed apps.

In order to install multiple third-party apps, ensure that you have apps from your device in one go, make sure that you have 3rd apps or All apps filter selected and the ‘green check’ button the top enabled. Now, tap on multiple apps to select them in one-go, and use the ‘Uninstall selected apps’ button to remove them all. If to point out a downside, you can defrost and restore apps only thrice. For unlimited defrosting/restore, you may have to go for the paid version of Root Uninstaller.


Root Uninstaller app for Android is a powerful application, but it works only with rooted devices. Also be careful while tinkering with system apps and files, if you are a novice. If anything goes wrong, it will cause your phone to malfunction, and it might take assistance from the customer care people to put you back on track.


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