RunPee iPhone App Review

| September 23, 2018

RunPee for iPhone is a one if its kind app that lets you know when to per while watching a movie in the theatre. The app lets you relax and watch the movie in peace as the app will let you know the right time to visit the bathroom without missing any important scenes. The app also will give you the synopsis of the scenes you had missed as you make the visit to the bathroom. The app mostly has details about the movies dull bits and alerts you exactly at that time so you will not miss the important scenes.

Watch, dash, pee and watch

RunPee is God send for those movie buffs who do not want to miss the plots and twists. The inconvenient bladder urges is most common annoyance that happens to human being. And especially when you are sitting through a movie in the theatre. With RunPee, you don’t have to miss the important scenes or hold it for so long that takes away the joy of movie watching. Download and open the App. You will be greeted with a message, “Please Be Considerate of Others When Using This App During A Movie.”

RunPee iPhone App Review

A list of available movies that are currently in theatres with their available pee times will be displayed once you verify your email. Select a movie and view the pee times. The per times is based on the length of the movie. The developer explains his choice of pee time is when there is nothing crucial happening so it’s fine to take a few minutes off for a bio break. Basic version will give just the list of pee times. You have advanced version that comes with a timer. You start it as you begin watching a movie. It will vibrate before the designated pee time.

Improve Your Movie-Going Experience

RunPee is there as movie theatres don’t have a pause button. Long time users of this app really love using it. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to get your Pee coins. You can get 10, 20 or infinite pee coins.


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