Shining Force Classics Android Game App Review

| November 17, 2018

Shining Force Classics for Android is a gaming app that revolves around three episodes of SEGAs Shining series. The gameplay is from the hit SEGA Forever. The game is based on turn based tactical RPG where the player will be challenged with three quests. They are, Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force and Shining Force 2. It is a classic series with excellent games that adapt well in the mobile.

Take your turn and play the classic three games

Shining Force Classics for Android with its three masterpiece of a game is a sure shot one that lets you fire up the adrenaline. The first game, Shining in the Darkness, is a dungeon dive that you take in pursuit of a missing princess. The game is a series of mazes in a small town with a great presentation. You will be submerged in the darkness of labyrinth searching for the powerful light to fight the savage creatures.

Shining Force Classics Android Game App Review

The second game, Shining Force, is where you take on a swarm of invaders across the border of Continent of Rune, along with a dragon who had slept for centuries. As the kings youngest swordsman you get to control up to 10 different characters and fight the mighty army and take on the dragons evil power. The third game, Shining Force 2, is the same game as its parent with a new story. In this you will fight a deadly zeon that was once imprisoned and now threatens to throw the whole galaxy into darkness. Fight the Zeon with a 12 member force and experience fantasy style epic game.


Shining Force Classics for Android is a turn based style games and hence does not overuse your touch screen. It is quite simple to play with and has a better performance in terms of speed and smoothness of animation. It makes you all to play different genres of large scale strategic battles. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads. The in-app purchases are mainly to make the games ad free. Each game has a pricing, you can either purchase for one game or in bulk for all three games.


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