SitterNote iPhone App Review

| February 3, 2017

Managing children is difficult and moms know that best. No wonder, two moms conspired to build this app to make managing any childcare scenario a breeze. Sitternote app for iPhone allows you to message your sitter, provide them details, and pay them right within the app. You can download SitterNote app for free from iTunes App Store.

What is it?

SitterNote app for iPhone is designed to make childcare easier. The app lets you send an invitation to all of your go-to sitters at once. That is, no more need for texting your entire roster. With your permission, your sitter can access the profiles you create for each of your children, and send one-touch updates on tasks like feedings and naps. The sitter can also add notes and photos to the updates, making real-time communication streamlined and centralized. For the parents, they can easily view how good the babysitting was. In the app, sitters will have access to a list of emergency contacts, in case they want to communicate with them in the event of an emergency. If the sitter has no SitterNote app, the list of contacts can be emailed to him/her. Of course, no need to rush to the ATM to pay the sitter. You can pay them right from within the app.

SitterNote iPhone App Review

Further, SitterNote iPhone app is reasonably secure that your private data is protected. You are always in control of who can access information about each individual child as well as the family’s emergency contact information. Further, you can turn on/off the access to sitters that you use occasionally. The user interface of SitterNote app for iPhone is thoughtfully designed. The tasks/activities for each kid is presented in an easy to read format. The chat feed is also easy to read and comprehend. Adding a new event is also a cake walk. Payments are done through PayPal.

Why we love it?

SitterNote app for iPhone aims to make childcare a seamless process. For parents, the app makes it easy to message their sitters, and give them tasks/activities related to the kids. You can also control access to information about the children to select sitters you trust. The UI is largely user friendly. Payment through PayPal is reasonably secure. The app is also slick and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for an app to choose, communicate and pay your sitter quickly and easily.


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