Skull Island: Survival Story Android App Review

| January 24, 2019

Skull Island: Survival Story for Android is a gaming app that is replete with hidden mysteries and challenges as you dig deep into the island with just an axe and a fellow tinker for a company. It is a scientific expedition into an island that turns scary and mysterious with challenges thrown at you every nook and corner. In the island, you will have to build your very own townships and villages where you can grow your own fruits and vegetable and venture in an adventurous game.

Get the adrenaline rush digging and diving in the woods

Skull Island: Survival Story for Android filled with mystery will remind you of thriller Hollywood movie where the characters are in a quest. You can use a sword, and or machete to wade through the thick and mighty woods and uncover the mystery hidden in the jungle. Royal houses and buildings need to be forged and crafted again. You need to make your own food by harvesting crops and producing fruits, vegetables and pulses in order to survive. Ride through blissful bay in the island. Turn muddy fortress in to a green paradise.

Skull Island Survival Story Android App Review

Undertake expeditions and challenges that dare you out of your wits. Bonus resources are available within a time frame. You can collect them during the sale event or by harvesting debris. Rewards are in the form of swords, gold, spirit and silver coins that lets you progress in the game. You can compete with friends through social media. Mini games, quests and team challenges all are part and parcel of the mind boggling game.


Skull Island: Survival Story for Android is for those adventurous by heart but also suits the faint hearted who would love some great time pass. It is an original role play game that gives you plenty of thrilling moment searching for debris and digging deep into the woods. You can take your own time relishing every defining moments of the game. Characters will seek your help to restore it from unprecedented conditions. To play this heart thumping game, players should be of age 13 and above. The game is free to play with in-app purchases ranging from $1 to $90.


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