Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Android App Review

| September 1, 2018

Sleep Cycle for Android is an alarm clock that wakes you up naturally. This way you will wake up feeling rested and not groggy when you get up jolted awake by an alarm clock. It is one of the most popular sleep tracking app and one of the best way to follow a good pattern for a great sleep. It helps us induce better sleep cycle, whether we are glued to the monitor or overeating or even overloaded with work.

Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for Android acts like the intelligent alarm clock that wakes you up during your lightest sleeping phase. The idea behind is that during your sleep you swing between light sleep and deep sleep. Deep sleep is when you have dreams and when you wake up during this phase you will feel groggy, restless and want more sleep. Light sleep is when you will feel rested as you wake up and it is the most natural way to start your day. Using Sleep Cycle Android app is as simple as setting an alarm. You set an alarm at the very latest time you want to wake up. You need to plug in the app and keep it under the pillow or on the night stand. The app will start analyzing your sleep pattern. This includes your deep sleep, light sleep and how long each phase is. The app then calculates the light sleep you will get from half an hour before your alarm. For example, if you had set the time at 7:00 AM, the app will monitor your sleep pattern between 6:30 to 7 and will set the alarm when you are in the lightest of sleeping phase.
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Android App Review

Sleep Cycle app gives you a complete graphical analysis of your sleep pattern and how it varies when you have a bad night or a good night’s sleep. This will help you understand how your before bed routines affect your sleep. You will know if a heavy dinner or just a protein salad at 6 pm will give you best results.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for Android will get you into that fitness mode about your sleeping habit. You will find yourself waking up even before the alarm and you will enjoy the extra minute you get to your advantage. The app is free to download and requires Android
4.1 and up. There are in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $24.99.


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