Slice App for Android Review

| November 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

A unique game and a simple concept! That explains Slice app for Android. The game play is challenging enough and at the same time, not so brain wracking as some other puzzles you’ll find in Google Play. Your goal is to cut a board in small enough pieces and capture the balls in the smallest areas possible. Slice game app for Android is a free application. As of today, Slice has not counterparts in Google Play store.

Slice App Features

The objective of Android Slice game app is to slow down the ball(s) by cutting away portions of the map you are on. The more you chop off, the slower the balls become. When you got only one ball on the screen, things will be a lot easier. But as you move up the levels, the going gets tougher as you’ll have more balls to slow down and there is less room to cut parts of your map away. As you slice away, keep an eye on the top of the screen wherein the target is displayed.

Slice App for Android

Slice app for Android uses a combination of controls and functions; the primary gesture you rely on is swiping. The Arcade and Challenge modes will give you the opportunity to improve your skills, discovering various materials like wood or metal and amazing other features. In the Challenge mode, you will also be able to collect stars. The earlier rounds are incredibly easy. But it seems to be a ploy not only to draw new players to the fold, but also give them ample opportunity to get a hang of the game. Few players though have reported bugs in Slice for Android. Hopefully, things will improve in the coming versions.

Slice application is backward compatible up to the Android OS version 1.5. Few games today offer this sort of backward compatibility.

Final Thoughts

Slice app for Android stands out for its simplicity of the controls. However the game is challenging at higher levels. The graphics part of Slice is excellent, especially if you got an HD display. Backward compatibility up to the earlier versions of Android is a commendable consideration on parts of the developers. Few glitches apart, Slice for Android is just perfect for short term gaming, such as while waiting for your flight in the airport. Verdict: Worth trying out. After all, it does not cost you even a penny.


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