Smart Magnifier App for Android Review

| August 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

If fine print bothers you sometime, try this one: Smart Magnifier app for Android. It turns your Android phone into a Magnifying Glass by using camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash. Smart Magnifier Android app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Smart Magnifier App Features

Like its name suggests, Smart Magnifier app for Android magnifies real objects so that they’ll appear larger than their original size. Here, please note the term ‘real objects’ as the app does not enlarge contents on your phone. Instead, it works by zooming in your phone’s rear camera. So it goes without mention that the app works only with phones having built in zoom function. Smart Magnifier for Android comes handy in situations wherein you’re reading a book and you happen to encounter a word, phrase or sentence that is a bit small for you to decipher. To zoom using Smart Magnifier, you just fire up the app and point your phone’s camera on the object that you want to zoom and adjust the seek bar as required. You can also take a screenshot of the zoomed object that you’re viewing.

Smart Magnifier App for Android

Since Smart Magnifier Android app relies on your phone’s camera, its zoom quality depends your camera built-in quality and features. In other words, the quality of zoomed images will be better on an 8 MP camera than on a low end camera phone. While using the app, it was found that its portrait view has some glitches even though landscape view worked fine. Another downside is that you have no option to hide the controls especially when you’re viewing a zoomed object. There aren’t any sharing options either. Also, you can’t vary the contrast and brightness of the zoomed objects. Smart Magnifier is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.

Final Thoughts

Smart Magnifier app for Android is not a sophisticated application. It simply uses your phone’s camera, zoom and LED flash to create a functional magnifying glass that’ll come handy in deciphering fine print. The app is not perfect and has its own share of drawbacks such as a disoriented portrait view. The UI is responsive and easy to use. Lack of built-in sharing options is rather strange. Overall, Smart Magnifier is an average magnifier app. If you want a better one, try Best Magnifying Glass app for Android.


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