Snapseed Professional Photo Editor Android App Review

| January 31, 2017

We used to click pictures through our smart phone camera. Sometimes, we feel like to brush up pictures taken through mobile to make them more beautiful and appealing. Snapseed for Android is an outstanding solution for picture editing. This application is equipped with all latest features. Therefore, even amateur users can edit pictures just like professionals. In fact, you can also exhibit beautifully edited pictures on various networking sites. Snapseed app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.


If you like to add effects and filters in plain pictures, then the features of Snapseed app will make your task easy. Snapseed for Android features more than 25 tools and filters which includes some popular filters like healing, brush, structure, HDR & perspective. The app also supports JPG and DNG files. Its user interface is quite simple to understand and supports fast navigation by the users. To start with, you just need to select the photo from phone gallery and start editing by simply choosing different options. You can tune plain images with high quality by adjusting exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control.

Snapseed Professional Photo Editor Android App Review

Android Snapseed app provides 7 controls options for editing. Other standard features like white balance, crop, rotate are inbuilt in that. To add beauty and glow in your pictures, use themes like vintage, grunge, retro, noir, grainy and glamor glow. Once you are done with editing, you can simply share your pictures over social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These beautifully edited pictures will add more value to your profile on social sites. In the updated version of the app, perspective tool brings back the vertical and horizontal corrections. Developers have also added an option to choose target folder when using the “Export” feature for saving your photos. Snapseed app is compatible with Android version 4.1 or above.


Snapseed for Android is a compact photo editing application which is also an efficient tool for day to day photo editing. Overall, the app scores maximum in terms of photo editing options and it is good application for users who click more photos and do editing. Sound photographic application to download for your photo editing needs.


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