Sobriety Counter Android App Review

| March 30, 2019

Sobriety Counter Android App is a wellness app that helps you overcome your addiction. Addictions could be of any kind, it could be drinking, smoking, drug, sugar, gambling or junk food. It is extremely hard trying to quit addictions of any form. The app help you follow and analyze all your bad habits until you beat them. It is a fun filled app that takes the challenge head on and gives you insight on where you lag and what you can do to overcome it.

Get over you addictions, get healthy and fit

Sobriety Counter for Android has a vibrant user interface with bold icons and a bright dashboard that displays useful statistics. You need to enter all your bad habits, the exact day you did it last time, the money you spend on each of these habits. The app will create a lot of statistical information based on your input that will help you assess how far you have reached in your goal of overcoming addictions. It also serves as a motivation to quit anything that costs you money and health. The amount you have saved by not indulging will be given back to you as weekly reward.

Sobriety Counter Android App Review

The motivation tab lets you add all that is there on your mind regarding your addiction. Jot down your reasons for quitting and also list the benefits you will receive when you quit all bad habits. The statistics information is both useful and encouraging. When you get to see how long you have been off your bad habit or the time spent on any of the addictions you will try to refrain and get motivated to put a full stop.

Best App to Track Bad Habits

Sobriety Counter for Android is easy and simple way to get over your addictions by jotting down all the bad habits you have. Track your bad habits till you see its death, and get motivated with rewards and trophies. You can know how far you have achieved and how well that has worked out for you with all the different statistics that are calculated. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.


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