Soul Knight Android Game App Review

| August 27, 2018

Soul Knight for Android is a mobile gaming app inspired in the lines of Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon. A solid game whose main plot revolves around exploring a dungeon to collect crazy weapons to dodge bullets and shoot the enemies.The different types of weapons that come in varying degrees of lethal are the real joy of the game.

Explore, Collect & Fight

Soul Knight game for Android has an envious collection of 120+ different weapons that ranges from pistols, guns, machine guns to rockets, bow and arrow, lasers and so on. It also has plenty of silly weapons that give you the fun element as you play. Some of them are the fish that shoots the laser beam and plumbers that launches little poos. The enemies are the alien minions who you will have to shoot to get through the dungeon. The game is extremely simple and easy. It has intuitive controls that are super smooth. The gameplay is enjoyable. The app auto aim mechanism helps you aim the closest enemy easily and quickly. The game is extremely rogue like with enough and more weapons, shootings and escapades. The imaginary world of dungeon is split into various levels, each level will give you a whole new experience each time. Each area has one or two fights and between levels you will get access to bonus points, that help you with health upgrades, immunity to fire, poison or traps. You will also find health potions in crates.

Soul Knight Android Game App Review

During all these fighting and shooting you will have a pet to give you company and fight with you. The pet starts as kitty and stay around until it dies. You can buy different pets from in-app purchases. You can also buy other characters that help you fight the enemies.


Soul Knight for Android is one of the best shooter games available in the mobile gaming world.If you are anyone who likes a rogue like fighting games with fun element, then definitely you should to try out Soul Knight. The game is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.


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