Space Launch Now Android App Review

| January 24, 2018

Are you a space enthusiast? I always was fascinated by space and space shuttles and the different missions undertaken by NASA while growing up. If you are also one of those people, Space Launch Now app for Android will certainly pique your curiosity. The app essentially helps you to keep up to date on all of your favorite spaceflight missions from around the world. It is a free app.


Lots of satellite and shuttle launches are happening every year. They are done by different space agencies. So tracking them all is a difficult task. Space Launch Now app for Android brings all the launch info in once place. It also gives you launch calendar, along with link to the live stream of the launch where applicable. The app also provides you details on the launch vehicles, meaning you can find information about all the vehicles that take us to orbit such as the Soyuz, Atlas, Delta, Ariane, Proton and Falcon launch vehicle families. You can also find out about their previous missions.

Space Launch Now Android App Review

Using Space Launch Now app, you can track launches from all the major launch providers like SpaceX, ULA, and Orbital/ATK as well as international launches from NASA, ROSCOSMOS, JAXA and ESA. It is a pity that it does not cover Chinese and Indian launches. Users can follow science missions along with resupply missions to the International Space Station, commercial satellite launches from providers like IRIDIUM and science missions like ExoMar. The UI design and layout of Space Launch Now for Android is user friendly. The details on every launch is comprehensive. You can view the countdown to the launch alongside the detailed information on each launch vehicle. It even displays a map showing the launch location. We found the details to be accurate and reliable. The app requires Android OS versions 4.4 and up.

Final Take

Space Launch Now app for Android happens to be the best resource for keeping up to date on all of your favorite spaceflight missions from around the world. It provides notifications on upcoming launches, details on launch vehicles and their history of launches, as well as an option to view live stream of launch wherever it is available. Users can also optionally search for particular launch or launch vehicles. The day/night theme completes the customization options. Overall, a well-made app that tracks space launches from around the globe. Check it out if you’re a space enthusiast.


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