Space Orbit iPhone Game Review

| February 15, 2018

Have you wondered how difficult it might be to put a spacecraft in the orbit? Space Orbit for iPhone tells you how to move around a heavy object to/in space by maintaining proper velocity. The app may be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.

Best Gravity Game for iPhone

Space games mostly involve fighting enemy and neglect the challenges faced in normal days by our space agencies. Space Orbit – Gravity Game for iPhone lets you try the gravity defied stunt without the risk of destroying a million dollar satellite. More specifically, your objective is to guide your space ship into orbit without crashing into celestial objects or leaving the screen. It might sound easy. But the small margin of error and finicky controls makes it tough to control, at least initially. The controls are very sensitive to joysticks input. Inadvertently, you will end up moving the joystick to one direction, which will cause your spaceship to fly faster and eventually crash. Small movements are the norm hence. It will take some time before you get used to it. In my attempt, it took me few tries before I managed to complete the first level.

Space Orbit iPhone Game Review

Space Orbit iPhone Gravity Game has 10 levels that progressively unlock. That is, you got to finish one to move to the next. First five levels are totally about gravity game. The next two levels test your skills to remain in orbit for a longer period and the last three levels need you to be exactly precise to land on the planets as specified. One thing I liked is that each level throws something new at you – from other orbiting objects to extended orbiting time duration and even landing on planets. But that is it to Space Orbit for iPhone. There aren’t anything else to unlock. This is necessarily not a bad thing. But it would be cool to have unlockable space ships or new worlds to explore. The graphics looks decent, if not great. It is also slick and responsive. The game requires iOS 4.4+.

Fun and Challenging Physics Based Game

Space Orbit for iPhone is a fun and challenging physics based game wherein you got to control your spacecraft in the outer orbit while completing other tasks including landing on planets. The controls are a bit difficult to master. A little movement of joystick could send your spacecraft crashing out of the screen. The game is ad supported. But it is not annoying. It would have been great had the game had more levels or unlockable space ships. Overall, a nicely made space based arcade game worth checking out.


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