Sprayscape Android App Review

| November 30, 2017

The Google Play Store is full of apps that make you have some fun with your Android phone. Now, some of the apps are developed by Google itself. When an app is designed by Google, you can practically rest assured that it would be simple and innovative. One such simple, innovative and incredibly fun app that you can use is the Sprayscape app for Android.

Get Loads of Fun with Your Images

Sprayscape for Android uses the gyroscope of your smart phone to take pictures on the inside of a 360 degree sphere. This simple hack makes your images more fun and exciting. Just point your phone and then with a single tap, you can literally spray faces, places or practically anything else on your canvas. You then share your creation with your friends via a link and then they can check it out. Want to experience your creation in a more amazing way? Just pop your Google Cardboard Viewer and let VR give you a more immersive experience.

App Highlights

Use gyroscope to add a fun way to click images
Share your creations with your friends
Google Cardboard support

Sprayscape Android App Review


Sprayscape for Android is really a fun application to have. The app is really simple to use but it does give you ample opportunities to explore your creative side. So, install the app and have some great fun with your images.


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