Star Walk for iPhone – Stars and Constellations Guide Review

| March 1, 2019

Star Walk – Explore the Sky for iPhone is a star gazing app that would be the most beautiful you would have ever seen. If you are an astro freak then this app will hold your breath as you get to explore over 200,000 celestial bodies. It gives you great amount of information about each and every celestial body you find. These could be stars, planets, satellites and constellations. An in depth and detailed astronomy app with over 10 million happy users.

Gaze the stars till eternity with this amazingly beautiful app

Star Walk for iPhone easily lets you spot thousands of stars and constellations. It is one great app for tracking real time celestial bodies with an augmented reality view in night mode. You just need to launch the app and point the device at the night sky. You will be able to spot the stars, planets, satellites and constellations right at your location and as you move around the app updates its map real time and will display the celestial body as it shows up. Every object will have its name displayed with the letter I, tap it to gain more information about it.

Star Walk for iPhone Stars Constellations Guide

The time machine feature let’s you explore the night sky map of future or in the past. The celestial events can never be missed with all the dates marked in the calendar and appropriate notifications sent. Using augmented reality, add an image from the camera to the sky view. The night mode is easy on your eyes and gives a better view on your personal planetarium.

Best Astronomy App

Star Walk – Explore the Sky iPhone app is one of the best and first of its kind app with which you could do so much. Easily explore the night sky and it is quickly accessible to everyone. You will find that the app works full fledged even when you are camping in a remote area to do a study. It is a pleasure to view the night sky and spot the planets, milky-way and galactic equator. The app is free to use for one week trial after which you need to make an in app purchase to subscribe for a monthly or a yearly access.


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