Stillmotion Editor iPhone App Review

| December 12, 2017

Still photographs capture the essence of a moment. But if you can provide your audience with subtle movement in those images, you achieve a truly spectacular effect. Stillmotion Editor for iPhone let you do just that. Using the app, you can create stunning Cinemagraphs in just seconds. Stillmotion Editor app for iPhone may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.


Cinemagraphs, or living images, are an exciting new visual format that will mesmerize your audience, and increase your engagement on social media. Stillmotion Editor app provides the fastest and easiest way to create a cinemagraph on your iPhone. The best part is that it is pretty quick. To create cinemagraphs, select a video from your iPhone gallery. Now draw the areas on the video that you want to keep live. The various customization options will appear at the bottom of the image. Adjust the slider to make your selection. There is an eraser option at the top. Once done, you can perfect your creation with a timeline tool. It also got pro-level adjustments to make the cinemagraphs look awesome. Last but the least, Stillmotion Editor for iPhone comes with an array of photo filters that you can apply on the cinemagraphs suitably. Again, it is a pretty easy enough task.

Stillmotion Editor iPhone App Review

For best results, Stillmotion Editor for iPhone customers to use tripod-stabilized videos. But even though the app can be downloaded free of cost, to create unlimited, high-quality, watermark free videos, you got to opt for its pro-subscription that will set you back by $2.99 per month. Performance wise, Stillmotion Editor app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 10.0+.

Final Take

Stillmotion Editor iPhone app allows you to create beautiful cinemagraphs from videos you’d recorded. You can do it in seconds, if not minutes. The UI layout is user friendly. Pro-level adjustments and photo filters help you to make the cinemagraphs look awesome. It is also slick and responsive. For unlimited and watermark free cinemagraph creation, however, you got to opt for pro-subscription. But for regular users, the free version should suffice. Support for more languages other than Spanish and English would have come handy. Overall, a well-made cinemagraphs creator app worth checking out.


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