Swapps – All Apps, Everywhere Android App Review

| July 23, 2019

Swapps All Apps, Everywhere Android App is a utility app that browse applications to applications with ease without having to go to the home screen of you smartphone or tablet. The app will have a list of recently used and open apps and these will be displayed on the screen for you to select. You could be playing, reading or listening to music, whatever it may be, you can easily switch to a different app whenever you want with a swipe. It is similar to a home screen app drawer with sections for widgets and Shortcuts.

Jump from apps to apps smoothly with ease

Swapps App is a side launcher for apps on android devices gives you a lot of ease in using multiple apps. A totally a new way to launch apps and it is also a great time saver. There are cute animations as you scroll and launch apps. This makes it a real beauty and a pleasure to work with. It is available anytime in the background and you need just swipe to access it. The notification icon can made transparent or even disabled. Scroll alphabetically that makes the search for a particular app easy. You can customize the size, width, height of the swipe area. You need more info about the app, just long press on the app.

Swapps All Apps, Everywhere Android App Review

The unlocked version of the Swapps android app gives you more power to customize the WPP the way you want and more features without any limitations. You have option to add widgets, blacklist apps, 15 starred apps, change opacity, pad width, color and text color.


Swapps All Apps, Everywhere Android App makes using multiple apps an easy task. The app has been developed to run in the background without draining the battery. You can make it transparent. You just need to swipe from the left side of the screen to bring up the Swapps menu. Tap on the app you want, it could be your starred favorite apps, recently used ones or any open apps. The app is free to download and use with in app purchases that unlocks powerful features and also removes ads.


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