Toolwiz Photos Pro Editor Android App Review

| March 4, 2017

As its name indicates, Toolwiz Photos – Pro Editor for Android is another worthy entrant to the ever growing list of photo editing apps for android, thereby providing professional tools to change, modify and transform all your images in the way you want. Though there is a ‘Pro’ tag along with the title, the application is completely free to download, install and use, except for a few in-app purchases to try out some bonus features. The app has not been so popular to be used by many, but still enjoys widespread acclaim from its not-so-big list of users. The amazing 4.6 star rating in the Google Play Star is a proof for its quality and reliability.


Toolwiz Photos for Android, with respect to the mode of operation, is quite similar to other photo editing applications. It has an inbuilt gallery section from where you can browse or view all the photos available in your memory and then take them to the editing section. You can also directly go to any editing section and call up the desired image from the stored location. Both the methods will culminate in opening up the very advanced editing screen which is equipped with around 200 different tools and a plethora of editing functions. The editing tools are divided into different categories for easy access and for precise adjustments. On one side you will have icons to adjust the dimensions, angles and other physical aspects of your image, while the next segments provide you with options to dig deeper into the image and transform it in its entirety. The number of tools and modification functions provided are quite large in number and as a result, it would definitely take quite some time to try out all of them and choose your desired conversion modes.

Toolwiz Photos Pro Editor Android App Review

Even while providing you with a large amount of data and superior editing tools, the application never seems complicated at any point. Almost all the menus, icons and adjustments are self explanatory with real-time previews provided to view them immediately when you try them on. Once you get to know about the relatively simple proceedings, Toolwiz editing can soon turn out to be a child’s play under your fingers.


Toolwiz Photos – Pro Editor for Android is indeed a wizard of sorts, covering and satisfying all your photo related needs with extreme proficiency and expertise. Unleash your artistic creativities and begin beautifying your images like never before.


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