TopShare – Top Viral Videos Android Review

| September 28, 2018

TopShare for Android is a viral video and funny gif sharing app. Life could be really monotonous and boring devoid of any entertainment. In this world of advanced netizens and high level of social networking, people themselves are the best developers of entertainment source, be it videos, gifs or articles. TopShare is one stop shop for all of these, mostly viral content. TopShare – Top Viral Videos & Funny GIFs app for Android not just gets updated with viral videos, you can also share them from it.

Enjoy the world around you

TopShare for Android, is a one of its kind app, that gets you the latest top videos in one app. The developers make sure that the app is fed with top trending content continuously that you can share to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The videos are arranged in various categories of topics that makes searching easier. The topics range from, Pets and babies, Wild Life, Beauty Tips, How to make and a general category called Funny Videos and Funny Gifs. You can catch funny moments of babies, Pets and their affection. This will for sure brighten up your day. Wildlife videos are an eye opener for those newbies to the world of grit and dangers. Tips on make up and health will help you with more knowledge. You just need to follow and put them in practice. People will be really surprised. How to make videos will give you a fair idea on recycling discarded objects.

TopShare Top Viral Videos Android Review

TopShare for Android offers you new way to discover new and advanced features of such wasteful objects. Enjoy the ultimate experience and discover new joys of life. The algorithm developed for frisking content for the app. This algorithm makes sure that you get to see only personalise feed that fits your liking.


TopShare for Android finds you thousands of top and viral videos that are funny and within the liking of each user. It is that personalised. All you need to do is installing and exploring the app and share the videos. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.


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