Torchie – Volume Button Torch Android App Review

| April 19, 2019

Torchie – Volume Button Torch for Android is an app that makes your phone a high grade led torch. A torch is not something you always carry in a day to day routine. But there could be occasion when you badly in need of it. Imagine leaving late from office and you end up walking past a dark lane with no street lights. A smart phone mostly has an app that activates the flash light, but mostly you would have forgotten about it. Your phone will come to your rescue if you had Torchie installed, you can activate the flashlight even in a locked state.

Flick a finger, illuminate your phone as well as the surrounding

Torchie – Volume Button Torch for Android is a simple, innovative and handy app with material design turns on or off bright led flashlight instantly. It is quick, innovative and works in a blink. The app works with the hardware of the phone and uses the volume button to switch on and off the flashlight. You just need to hold the volume buttons together. You can customize the settings and change the feature to work in screen on, lock screen or while screen off. The app is tiny and lightweight and optimized to use zero battery. You will not face any privacy or security issues.

Torchie Volume Button Torch Android App

Torchie app does not require a root, framework or plugin. The app just needs your permission to access the hardware of your device so its features can work fine. If the phone has a physical keyboard then it can customized to work with key presses. Android phones come with only 3 physical buttons, one for power and two for volume. The volume button is the perfect choice as it works when the screen is locked as well.


Torchie for Android is the fastest way to switch on the flashlight. An open source software where you can get the coding for further development. The app is innovative and works anytime anywhere. Your phone has to be within your reach, that’s it. It makes you feel that you have a handy torch within your reach. The app is free to download with in app purchases.


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