Turbo Tax Return Android App Review

| June 1, 2019

Filing income tax returns can be stressful at the best of times. Most people tend to put off the visit to their CPAs/tax accountants till the last few days, but this can cost them. Personal tax preparation software and websites have changed all that. Now you can file your tax from the comfort of your home on the device of your choice – be it desktop, tablet or smart phone. Turbo Tax Return App from Intuit is a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices and one of the most popular tax filing apps in terms of user base.

How it works

Once you install the app, it lets you import your previous year’s return. This helps to auto-populate a lot of the required information and save you effort and time. There is an option to import your W-2 also. As per the information you enter, the app tells you if you qualify for any deductions or credits. The app makes suggestions about deductions or credits you are eligible for based on the information input by you. You can click on each deduction or credit lets you click on it to learn more about how to qualify and the benefits of getting that credit.

Turbo Tax Return App Maximum Refund Guaranteed Android App Review

The app also has good tools for finding errors in your tax returns. If there is any error in the information you entered, a prompt will appear enabling you to make a correction before moving on to the next step. TurboTax also has a final review feature that lets you run a complete check over returns to look for errors and reconfirm if there are any deductions or credits you missed. For complicated tax returns, the app offers an additional option called TurboTax Live, which offers an on-demand access to a CPA or enrolled agent who assists to fill out the return. The supporting documents will be reviewed by the experts before you submit them.


Turbo Tax is rated as one of the easiest software to use. It is packed with a lot of tools to empower you to complete your return with minimum hurdles. The app also guarantees that you will get the best in terms of refund or amount owed. It is advisable to purchase the paid version, as the free version is useful only for the simplest tax returns. At 5 million + downloads, it is certainly one of the most popular tax apps available.


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