unGlue: Screen Time Control iPhone App Review

| April 28, 2018

unGlue: Screen Time Control for iPhone takes parental control to the next level. Most of kids nowadays use smart phones and they use it a lot. unGlue app tracks and controls your child’s behavior on your iPhone and that too in a way, that doesn’t seem too highhanded. In fact, this is one of the few apps that considers the child and gives an interactive experience to them as well.

Control Your Child’s Behavior

As said before, unGlue: Parental Control for iPhone has a different approach for parental control. It has the unique time bank feature. Here, you can reward your child with extra time on the internet when he or she does her homework or chores. Your child can ‘save’ and ‘spend’ the reward points as they want. This inculcates better screen habits. You can set personalized schedules dictating when your child can access the internet and how much of the internet they can access. You can also ‘pause’ the internet at dinner times or other such times. unGlue also allows you to monitor the activity of your child and block content which you think is inappropriate. You can subscribe to their plans which start from $9.99 per month.

unGlue Screen Time Control iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Monitor and control your child’s activity on the internet
Limit distractions
Promote better habits
Pause internet
Easy to use
Reward your child for doing chores
Block content
Set different schedules for different kids in the family at one go.

Best Parental Control App

Most parental control apps have a ‘highhanded’ approach. Therefore, they lead to arguments and issues with kids, especially teens. unGlue: Screen Time Control for iPhone gives you a fresh new approach which allows your child to learn good things without having the feeling of being imposed with rules. Try unGlue app and keep an eye on your child without making him/her uncomfortable.


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