Universe Website Builder iPhone App Review

| August 8, 2019

Universe Website Builder iPhone App which you can easily create and publish websites. It just takes a few minutes when you have the right content with you. Websites are mostly developed using web based programming languages and other applications. But Universe, brings down such complications. You really don’t need any design skills to create websites or blogs using Universe. If you know a little bit of coding, then you can create a more advanced websites that can pull data from other databases. Designing simple websites on the go is for sure handy. It is really fast and quick especially if you are designing just a single page website that covers your need and also great looking.

Design and create websites that serves your purpose

Universe Website Builder iPhone App is simple yet innovative to use. It has a three column editor that can be expanded up to 5 columns. You can place contents in the cells provided in the table. It is easy to work around with the editor. Pinch, zoom, tap and drag to resize and move a block. You can add any type of content, like, text, photos, video, icons, maps, music and so on. All these can be linked to other pages. You will learn the whole thing through trial and error.

Universe Website Builder iPhone App Review

Create an interactive portfolio that elevates your brand presence so you could grow the traffic to your website. It makes you stand out from other normal websites. There are numerous possibilities and if you are more of a creative person then the layout offers a perfect ground to showcase your skills.


Universe Website Builder App for iPhone is quite useful when you want to create a simple website. The basic version is free to download and use. With the basic version, you can use all the tools and also create a website that will be a subdomain of their site for free. But if you want a proper online business, then that would require you to buy and register Domain from them and also other features like, tracking, hiding and branding, that might require you to pay them on a monthly basis.


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