Untappd – Discover Beer iPhone App Review

| April 30, 2018

Untappd – Discover Beer for iPhone is created for beer lovers across the world. Some unknown genius once said ‘He was a wise man who invented beer’. If you are in love with this amber nectar of life, then you would fully agree with the statement. Beer is the oldest drink made by man and for countless centuries, man has been trying to do one thing – to find the best tasting beer. Untappd iPhone app helps you find that! How does it do that? Well, let’s find out.

Find the Best Beer Joints near You

Untappd – Discover Beer for iPhone is designed for beer connoisseurs as well as people who just love the drink! The app helps you discover local breweries near you. It also helps you to discover beers from around the world. Untappd helps you find great venues that offer top notch beer. You can find such places even when you are travelling. You can keep track of the beers you like and find nearby venues where you experience them. For example, you love a strong stout beer and you are travelling in Dublin, Ireland. Untappd helps you find venues and events where you can try out the best stout beer in Ireland, which is easily the world’s best place to find stout beers. There is also a social element as it helps you to find the beers that your friends are following.

Untappd Discover Beer iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Discover great tasting beer
Find events and venues focused on beer
Simple and easy to use
Create a list of your favorite beers


There are a lot of beer lovers across the world, who would love Untappd – Discover Beer for iPhone. It is really simple to use and you can get accurate details of venues and events with a few taps. So, install the app today and find the best way to enjoy the best beer.


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