vFlat Mobile Book Scanner Android App Review

| July 25, 2019

vFlat Mobile Book Scanner for android helps to scans your entire book in a jiffy. Most useful for those voracious readers, it converts all the scanned copies into digital format that can be saved in a digital library. Now, you can think of saving all the books from your bookshelf in this way. It is not time consuming and saves all your precious books from moths and getting damaged. Such damages could still happen but if you have a digital copy of the book, you can always be at peace with the thought that it is intact.

Scan your bookshelf and create your own digital library

vFlat Mobile Book Scanner for Android is an intuitive app that saves a lot of your time trying to scan the books page by page. This mobile book scanner is easy to download and install. They have a nice engaging video on YouTube that shows you the entire process. You just need to access it, if you incur any kind of trouble using the app. The app makes scanning a book like a breeze. It uses deep learning technology to beautifully hard bound books into digital format. It easily flattens the curved pages into flat ebooks. It ensures privacy as it scans you pages and does not share any of it with anyone.

vFlat Mobile Book Scanner Android Review

They are working at improving a lot of things. They are aiming at improving the clarity of scanned images and better flattening of pages. Also includes OCR for text recognition in images which is good thing as you can edit text in the digital pages itself.


vFlat Mobile Book Scanner for android is a newbie app that is still in the development stage. They are open to any feedback and you can let them know by sending a mail to their official mail ID. The app needs permission to use the device camera to scan and to access storage to save scanned files. The app has more than hundred thousand downloads and its community is ever growing since its inception. The appis free to download and use with no in app purchases or ads.


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