Waiter POS Restaurant Android App Review

| July 30, 2019

Waiter POS Restaurant app for android is a point of sale app that gives you the quickest possible way to handle restaurant orders. It is a blessing in disguise for the waiters and cooks. You no longer need a paper and a pen to take down orders from your customers. It is fast and clear. Instructions can be immediately taken up and put to action. There is no fumbling and mumbling in the kitchen. It is quite efficient and saves you a lot of time and hassles. It is affordable and easy to use point of sale app and us perfect for any kind of restaurants, coffee shop, pub, bar and hotels. It can be used efficiently in other businesses related to food industry as well.

Run the best restaurant, with all the best wishes from customers

Waiter POS Restaurant android app is easy to set up and install. It doesn’t take much time here. You can get to create a very good profile for the restaurant and along with it a very good looking customized menu card and share it with all.It takes a few seconds to take the orders. Just a couple of taps and your order will be taken to the kitchen.Technology helps customers place orders.

Waiter POS Restaurant Android App Review

Place a tablet at the customers table and they can easily browse the menu and place the apps. Invite your contacts to use this app and they will get to see your profile, orders and the menu. You can print the orders and create invoices and later get paid through cash or card. You can create a whole lot of reports to monitor fund flow and customers choices of food.


Waiter POS Restaurant app for android makes any restaurant or hotel more efficient and neat. It brings about professionalism in handling customers as you process their orders quickly and efficiently. Not much investment and the restaurants can think of reducing the waiters count. Like they say, automation will always result in lose of job. The app is free to download and use. There are in app purchasesfor additional features and there are no ads.


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