Wars of Glory Android Game App Review

| September 8, 2018

Wars of Glory for Android is a tower defense game set in an Arabic world. It is a war strategy game where you will play the king of the Arab world. Your task would be to establish your kingdom and capture as much as cities from your enemies by playing a multiplayer war and forming alliance with likeminded warriors. The gameplay is that you and your alliance together will facilitate the other and capture the whole world.

Waging war with the world

Wars of Glory for Android with its premise in the Arabic kingdom give us a sneak peak into the culture, history and traditions of the Arabs. You will get enthralled in the arts, graphics and the enchanting Arab music. Your victory lies in how well you form your armies. Alliances are formed with friends online or with random person who will help you gain control of the entire enemy’s kingdom. Each soldier in the army has a distinct character. You can play strategy by understanding the characteristics of enemy soldiers. This way you can easily eliminate enemies and capture their kingdom.

Wars of Glory Android Game App Review

As the king of the Arab world, you are given the privilege to build your kingdom, train your armies and increase your power and dominance. You will have to lead your army to win and become the most powerful king ever. It is a gory battle you will have to fight, that is quite ferocious. You get an instant gratification even without reviewing the reports generated by the app. You are allowed to play it strategically by understanding more about the soldiers and watch them as they proceed in the battle.


Wars of Glory Android game app is indeed addictive and mind blowing. A new generation game where you play with real time war strategy and other players spread across the globe. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.


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