Water Slide 3D Android App Review

| April 13, 2017

There is no better place than being at a Water Park, which provides all the thrills of a theme park during the summer. Based on this theme, Words Mobile has developed Water Slide 3D for Android – a three-dimensional game where a player can experience the adventure of real water parks on the digital gadgets. It has fetched more than 10 million installations and an impressive rating of 4 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Water Slide 3D app is a free download.

Excitement of Riding on a Realistic Water Slide

Water Slide 3D Android app’s game-play provides most insane water slides as they’re all twisting and turning in the city through skyscrapers. You play as a rider with a third person perspective, and you simply tilt your device to move from side to side in the slide. The graphics are splendid to experience and most important part of the game is to control the speed of the rides while making sharp turns at the intersection of a water slide. There are seven unique rides and six different rafts or tubes to select to play more than 40 levels in the three-dimensional cityscape. Apart from this, snowy mountains and Egypt backgrounds; add a new taste in the vista of the game.

Water Slide 3D Android App Review

Water Slide 3D Android game app isn’t just avoiding obstacles, as there are a number of power-ups, including bombs, invincibility, and inner-tube. The app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. It requires Android version 2.1 or higher.

Virtual Reality – A New Way to Play 3D Games

The speed of ater Slide 3D Android game app is outstanding as you are facing multiple switch backs, and various slide segments. There is so much to do in each level as you try to collect pearls, dodge obstacles, and just not fall off the slide. The unique feature of the game is to experience the 3D style that includes the city background, and water that splashes on the screen. It supports VR mode to be compatible with Google cardboard. The only snag of the app is its support to marketing advertisements, which can be avoided by subscribing to in-app purchases. Water Slide 3D is worth picking up for that provides everything about the water slide experience expect getting you wet.


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