Wild Hunter Classic Android Game App Review

| July 31, 2018

Wild Hunter Classic – Hunt Jungle Animals for Android is a gaming app is a hunting simulator with real life simulation of the hunting world. The game is complete with a vast environment with immersive graphics that is detailed enough to cover a full day and all accompanying weather effects. The animals to be hunted are unique and life like models from the way they look and also behave.

Being the hunter on the prowl

Wild Hunter Classic Android game app has about 100+ missions to complete. The hunting takes place in a realistic hunting environment abundant in wildlife. You will be given an array of weapons ranging from rifles, bows, shot gun, crossbow and so on. The choice is yours. As per the gameplay you can choose your weapon. You will also be given vehicles to steer around, this includes, commando vehicles, motorboat, choppers and much more. If you do not hunt the animals they will hunt you down. To bring out the hunter in you, the hunting world is filled with complex animal kingdom replete with their cries and foul mood. Realism just does not ends there. You will also find the environment very realistic. Simulation of animal behaviors along with the way they cry will make you cringe, but will also make you go for the weapons to shoot them down. You will find yourself in the world’s most wildest location.

Wild Hunter Classic Android Game App Review

You can use multiple vehicles at the same time. For example, while you are monitoring the forest from a chopper and when you spot an animal you directly jump into a jeep to hunt it down. The success of a hunt depends on the choice of a right vehicle. The player will become a skilled hunter by the time a few levels are completed.


Wild Hunter Classic for Android will take you around the wilderness of Europe, America, Australia and Asia and is well equipped to make you the number one deer hunter and shooter. The app is free to download with in-app purchases to upgrade your weapons.


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