Wrike iPhone App Review

| August 14, 2019

Wrike app for iPhone is a project management and collaboration app. It is an easy to use tool that supports unlimited projects and integrates well with a whole lot of other application, including salesforce and Dropbox. A project management software that is most suitable for bigger teams and small to medium sized businesses. Offers innovative solutions for resource and workload management. It is now used over 15000 organization and fortune 500 enterprise companies. Helps project managers to keep track of projects in an innovative way by leveraging data the way user want. Each project is different and so are the teams. The application gives you the flexibility that each project needs and gives a customized project management solution for each type of project.

Manage your projects efficiently and diligently with Wrike

Wrike iPhone app has a crisp, hassle free interface using which a project manager can easily manage and respond to teams and clients. You can access your Wrike account from anywhere using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop. You can work on your projects on the go, access folders files, projects and mails from anywhere and also create new account from a phone. Use dashboards for a quick updates and also share them with your team.

Wrike iPhone App

Create tasks, assign and schedule them to the team member. You can add tasks to projects, folders and My Work. You can add images and also files to tasks. Automated timer tracks time spent on each tasks. Send and receive requests through customized forms and create reports that can be shared with teams and clients.


Wrike app for iPhone is a powerful app that is easy to setup and work with. It is a great choice for small businesses and project teams. Apart from the free version, it has separate plans for each kind of business model with each offering a varied set of features. Wrike offers a 14 days free trial for each plan. The free version will support five users, one board view along with task management, file sharing, activity stream, spreadsheet and basic integration. It also allows 2GB storage space.


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