YeeCall Free Video Call & Chat Android App Review

| April 8, 2017

YeeCall – Free Video Call & Chat for Android is a quintessential social application that lets you communicate with users around the globe over text, voice and video. Rather than just plain calls and chats, the app provides a set of bonus features too to spice up the fun and entertainment quotients during your interactions. This perfect blend has earned the app a lot of popularity and an amazing 4.2 stars out of 5 rating in the Play Store. YeeCall is completely free to download, install and use.


YeeCall Free Video Call & Chat for Android facilitates text, voice and video chats among friends, family or other users, one to one and in groups. As a result, there are separate sections for private chats, group chats and broadcasts. Each group can extend its member list to as many as 200 odd people. The group communication feature is not limited to chats alone, you can even engage in group calls with up to 20 of your friends at a time. All of these segments are neatly divided and displayed on an intuitive interface with perfect colors and moods. What makes the app more interesting is the amount of fun it incorporates into the conversations or communications happening through it. The long list of stickers, doodle drawings, photo and video editing etc are handy tools that would surely become handy during long chats or conversations. The doodle feature lets you interact with a contact through handmade sketches or doodles that are shared in real time. The ‘beautify’ tool is another highlight that provides some fine adjustments to look your best while being in a video call. A latest addition called as ‘Chatfun’ turns out to be another attention-grabbing feature that helps in connecting yourself with other unknown users of the app.

YeeCall Free Video Call & Chat Android App Review

High definition transmission is ensured for everything that is shared to and fro through YeeCall app. The calls, voice and the visuals are provided in the highest quality possible without much disturbances or interferences. Whatever sent or shared through the app is completely encrypted automatically thereby increasing the security factor. Though the rest of the technical features are not so unique, the application still manages to deliver them in the finest quality possible, devoid of any lags or drags.


YeeCall Free Video Call & Chat Android app helps you call, connect, converse and above all, have fun with all your loved ones, anywhere in the world for free. The app is indeed worth a try for all those who are on the lookout for a different kind of social messaging experience.


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