ZeFit3 Activity Tracker Android App Review

| May 27, 2019

In today’s world with its rushed lifestyles, fitness trackers are the perfect way to monitor your activity and health. And the best part is that it takes little to no effort. Of late, it has become a style statement with celebrities flaunting them. These gadgets have proven themselves to be an accurate, intuitive and the easy way to stay on top of your health. They are almost like an electronic finger on the pulse, constantly measuring your vitals, quality of sleep, step count and more. Some of the brands available on the market are almost as good looking as traditional jewelry.

How it works

ZeFit3 HR Activity Tracker for Android is a stylish activity tracker featuring a customizable touch screen color display. Developed by MyKronoz, the app provides a single pane view into your real-time activity, heart rate, steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and the number of hours slept. You can use the free downloadable app to analyze your progress, check your performance levels, and monitor your sleep quality. The notifications you receive can be customized, new goals set and updated and vibrating alarms can be scheduled to manage your day. ZeFit3 can be synced to your smart phone via Bluetooth to display notifications of calls, SMS, emails in addition to calendar events and social media activity. ZeFit3 can also be used as a remote control to take pictures and play music. The ZeFit3 free mobile app even enables you to select a watch face from a variety of attractive designs. The ZeFit3 mobile app is available to download free from the Play Store.

ZeFit3 Activity Tracker Android App Review


In a market that offers a wide range of activity trackers, the ZeFit3 HR Activity Tracker for Android stands out for its sleek, classy design. The interface is simple, intuitive, easy to use and does not include any elements that add unnecessary clutter. It’s a must-have for the health and fitness conscious and perfect for those with busy schedules. The free downloadable app has been downloaded more than 10000 times since its launch.


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