Zombies Run Android App Review

| November 27, 2018

Zombies, Run! and The Walk for Android is a running game app which is an epic adventure that is immersive with plenty of challenges. For hard core zombie fans this game is quite a rage. It is a clever training plan that makes the users get fit with good load of running and walking. And, you are actually running for life. The app brings in zombies and their constant groan is what puts you on your heel. The app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Run, run, run, zombies are behind

Zombies, Run! for Android is an audio adventure where you are running to save yourself from a possible zombie apocalypse. The app turns exercise into a game as every leap is a mission. You are the fifth runner and the hero of the game entitled to build a new civilization and rebuild a beacon of hope for the survivors. There are about 300 plus story missions. The first four missions are available with the free version and the rest are available as pro version. The mystery needs to be uncovered and you need to really run to get the best out of the app.

Zombies Run Android App Review

It is the best way to hit outdoor and workout. Zombies, Run! app lets you choose your custom playlists before you start. Your story will unfold through a series of audio messages and recordings. You will have to follow the instructions but need to keep running all the while. You earn additional supplies as you perform well in your run. Activate chases to get the game more exciting. You will hear the zombies as you slow down and need to speed up before they get close.


Zombies, Run! Android app is an effective running game as to run is the only way to save your life. This works out anywhere and for any speed. Whether you want to run on the beach or jog in the park. The story is adventurous and compelling and you get the will to lead the humanity back to civilization.


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